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Suggestions for Winterizing Your Backyard Waterfall and Pond

Once you set up your pond and waterfall, the maintenance process is relatively clean and easy. It will involve a minimal amount of clean up, even in winter season. Leaving your pond unattended however, could cause the build up of trash and pond residue that would eventually make your pond a bog of pollutants.

Winterizing Your Pond
There's no need for antifreeze in there! There's actually little you can do to stop the pond from freezing. No harm will come of it-if it freezes then it will melt when temperatures increase. What you can do however is protect the aquatic life underneath. Aquatic plant life can be placed on a lower level, in fact the deepest part of the pond, which is about three feet or more. Since freezing starts at the top and goes downward, this could protect some of the pond's plant or fish life. Tropical plants as well as fish that you don't want to risk should be taken indoors, since most cannot survive freezing temperatures. The cold temperature for fish and regular plants is about 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit; for tropical plants about 60 degrees. Diets for fish may also have to be adjusted, as freezing temperatures may affect digestion. It is not recommended to stop feeding fish if they are accustomed to it.

Winterizing Pond Pumps
If the temperature goes below 40F then the pond pumps will require attention. This may mean installing the winterizing equipment that was included with the pump. If you are taking the pump out of the pond then keep it wet, perhaps by submersing it in water, so that the seals do not dry and crack. There are also pond heaters and air bubblers, which are devices that assist pond owners in winterizing the pond and the aquatic life inside.

In warmer climates, winterizing a pond will not be necessary. However, when it comes time for a major freeze protect your pond and waterfall like you would your own home.
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