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Suggestions for Maintaining your Backyard Waterfall and Pond

Building a backyard waterfall and pond is certainly a task. You have a lot of digging to do, a lot of installation, and you might even have to contact a few professionals, such as an electrician and the local utility company. However, after you complete the project then it all goes down stream from there. Maintaining a waterfall and pond takes some attention, but it's easy to do and not very complicated work. The end result is a clean and healthy pond and waterfall that will delight your neighborhood.

Maintaining The Pond And Waterfall
First of all, you will have to maintain the cleanliness of a pond by removing dead or dying leaves from the aquatic plants. You may choose to insert fertilizer tablets also to ensure plant productivity. Any foreign material from above or even beneath should be removed. Organic material and dead leaves often gather towards the bottom of the pond and would need to be physically removed. The filter will have to be replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions.

There may be times when you will have to add fresh water to the pond to maintain the proper water level. Finally, you may have to dispense with aphids, which are soft bodied insects that develop on plant leaves. No need to spray any contaminants, just spray the bugs with a hose and let them fall into the water. The fish will eat the bugs and so as Mufasa would say, the circle of life continues.

Algae Solutions
One other concern in keeping up backyard waterfall and pond is the appearance of algae. In the spring time, or just after fresh water is added to the pond, you could experience an algae bloom. What should you do? As long as you have a lot of oxygenating plants and and floating plants to absorb the extra developing nutrients, then the inside of the pool is taken care of. From there, algae will be consumed by fish or even scavengers.

Building a backyard waterfall and pond is the hard part. Maintaining your paradise is a breeze.
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