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Selecting a Brass Water Fountain That Fits Nicely With Your Decor and Style

Where as many materials are too hard or pricey to be made into fountains, brass is the ideal choice. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and can been used to create many memorable ornaments to go along with water fountains. These brass fountains can be small or large, custom built or part of a collection.

Selections In Brass
What kind of brass water fountains can you find on line? As much imagination as humankind has! Imagine decorating your garden with a woman figurine standing 52 inches high with a fountain of water emerging from a jar or torch. Or how about a life size brass seal that shoots a jet stream of water from its mouth? There are also fish, traditionally shaped fountains with figurines, which can be anything from cupids to horses or religious icons. This category could also include water fountain ornaments made of Bronze, a certain type of brass giving the fountain a deeper color and a more dramatic look.

Choosing A Brass Fountain
This product is also customizable. The statues can be built according to a person's personal taste (or lack of taste) and can be made into virtually any streaming statue the homeowner can imagine. All it takes is a statue built in a convenient way to accommodate a pipe head, which propels the water.

The price of a brass fountain varies. Custom build designs can be expensive, though more traditional animal statues can be as low as $200.00 for smaller ornaments but as high as $3,500.00 for life sized statues. Remember that buying a brass fountain from a retail store, traditional or custom built, may not include a pump. (And it definitely won't include a pond!)

These fountains make an excellent addition to a homeowner's garden or even as an indoor piece of provocative furniture. The rushing sound of water is relaxing and the aesthetic beauty is much to behold.

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