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Is there a complete guide to building pond waterfalls? May be you're thinking of the Ortho's All About Building Waterfalls, Ponds And Streams book? There are plenty of books on the market that detail how to build your own pond and waterfall. There are also waterfall and pond kits that you can buy, which include all of the needed supplies and equipment along with a short instruction manual on how to start and finish your water project.

How To Get Started
Building your pond requires some advance planning and measurements, and a great deal of digging. Larger ponds are recommended since they are easier to clean and can support aquatic plant or fish life. Besides, it's better to have a larger than necessary pond than something too small that you will eventually have to reconstruct. Be sure and contact your local utility company and inspections department to let them know your building plans. There could be local laws on land and water security that will concern you later on.

Pumps And Waterfalls
What makes a waterfall work is the pump which re circulates the water from the pond or reservoir and back to the top again. The pump should be chosen according to how large your pond is, as well as how high you want the the water to be pushed. The pump should not be so powerful that it pushes water higher than half the diameter of the pond, or else too much water will be pushed outside of the pond. The GPH (gallons per hour) of the pond should not exceed the total volume of the pond, but should be come in at about half way. For example, 650 gallons would only require a pump rated about 300 gallons per hour.

A complete guide to building pond waterfalls is available in bookstores or through on line lawn and garden magazines. Building your own waterfall and pond is easier than you think and will probably involve a weekend or two of challenging--but fun--work.

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