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Desk Waterfalls Can Greatly Improve Your Office Environment

Bored of your office job already? Come on, things could be worse. You could be working as a professional leech collector or maybe an outhouse guard. It must be worth $10.00 dollars an hour. Maybe instead of quitting your job and finding something less dignified, you just need to liven up your desk a little bit. Why not buy a desk top waterfall? Desk waterfountains can turn your office job, that was once a boring and quiet place, into a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

Desk fountains are actually a very productive item to the office environment, in addition to providing you with hours of distraction from work. A desktop fountain is a natural humidifier and produces negative ions. These ions are the same types that can be found near waterfalls and rivers. The air is fresher and you get the relaxing sound of a waterfall right at your own desk. The soothing sound is helpful for concentration. It can help you work better or sleep-whatever floats your boat, there.

The Design Of A Desk Waterfall
A desk waterfall is not just a jar of constantly moving water. Designs from top producing companies are very unique and detailed. The fountain itself might be made of some form of rock, brass or copper. Designs may have specially crafted ornaments like animals, floral scenes or religious icons, or may be more natural and resemble a rock waterfall. How much does a desk fountain cost? It's decided by the quality of material and craftsmanship. Some models are very inexpensive, starting at $20.00. However, some items could cost over $1,000 because of special features. The more added features, such as special lighting or effects, the more pricey this little piece of paradise will be.

Make your job exciting again and give yourself a reason to go to work. Yes, the desk waterfall can make a boring office job a little livelier. A desk fountain also makes for an inexpensive and thoughtful gift. Spread the cheer around the office with the gift of a tiny waterfall!

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