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One of the most important factors in setting up your garden waterfalls is choosing the right kind of pump. The pump is the device that pulls the water into the circulation system and keeps your waterfall or fountain flowing. Is moving water necessary for keeping a pond? No, a waterfall is mostly for aesthetic purposes, though it can contribute towards water purity and productive aquatic life.

Pump Points to Ponder
When choosing a water pump, try to choose a model that is energy efficient. If you are planning to constantly run your waterfall, then a powerful pump that's not very energy efficient could really do a number on your electric bill. Submersible pumps are usually less energy efficient than external devices, however, they are easier to install.

Pumping Up Your Pond
Just how much power do you need to start a waterfall? Remember that bigger is not always better if it's going to cost you too much money-or soak your entire garden. Pumps should be chosen according to the capacity of your pool, as well as the maximum lift you want the water to be pushed. A fast moving water stream with a five foot lift and a ten foot distance would certainly require a stronger pump than would filtering a small pond.

The best course of action is to measure the width and length of your pond or pool and multiply those two numbers together to get the total cubic inches. Divide the resulting number by 231 (which is one gallon) to determine how many gallons you are shopping for. Then, compare your numbers with the specifications of pumps. You should aim for a pump that is slightly above half the total volume in GPH (gallons per hour).

With the right kind of pump, your garden waterfalls will splash and bubble like the real thing and your pumped up garden will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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