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Tips for Building a Home Waterfall, or Just Installing One!

It's no easy feat to build a home waterfall - or is it? While it's not quite as easy as simply having a "waterfall faucet" installed, it is probably less complicated than you think. Installing a waterfall in you home is just a matter of buying the necessary equipment and planning out your water project. (In today's marketplace there are also "ready to hang water fountains" available. Out of the box these items are ready to hang and plug in.)

Waterfall Installation
Some waterfall units are easily to install, particularly the pondless waterfalls, which do not require an additional pool or pond. The most complex part of the job would be to plan and construct a pond. This would require notifying a few different agencies, digging a hole and paying careful attention to the slope of your yard.

However, setting up a waterfall is a relatively easy process that only gets more complicated according to your high-tech plans. First you choose a pump device. This allows the water to fall and recirculate through tubing and back to the top of the fountain. Waterfall pumps offer various settings such as cones, sprays, jets or bubble effects.

Tips In Home Waterfall Planning
Remember when selecting a pump to choose one appropriate to the size of your pond or pool. On smaller pondless waterfalls, this isn't an issue since pumps are usually included with the entire system. The pump is chosen according to how much water quantity will be circulated GPH (gallons per hour) and how high the water is to be pushed. The pump should be a little bit stronger than your needs but not so powerful that its greater than the whole volume of your pool.

To determine the volume of the pool or pond, multiply the width by the depth. This will give you the number in cubic inches. Since 231 cubic inches are in a gallon, divide the total cubic inches by 231 to get the number of gallons. The total GPH should be about half the total volume.

You can built your own home waterfall with the right tools, a little know-how and a lot of dedication.

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