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There is a great deal of information on line on how to build a pond and waterfall. It is certainly an involved job, but one much less complicated than building an addition to your house. A garden and pond could probably be built within a weekend or two, and, in some cases, would not require any professional assistance. The only professionals you might have to consult are representatives from the local utility company and the city or county's department of inspections, if you plan on digging on a pond, rather than using a pool.

Do You Need A Waterfall with Your Pond?
In considering how to build a pond and waterfall, it's interesting to know that you don't actually need moving water. In fact, aquatic plants usually grow best in still water. However, there are other advantages. Moving water allows for better aeration, which is important to sustaining fish life, and also makes the water clearer. While you don't need a waterfall, it certainly does make things look better—and sound much more relaxing.

Choosing Pumps
A pump is the device that will make the water recirculate, keeping your waterfall moving. The more powerful the pump the more gallons per hour it can move and the higher the water can be pushed. Some pumps can pour a stream of water five feet high and ten feet away from the pool. The more powerful the pump however, the more electricity you will use and the more pricey the pump model. Pumps come with charts that explain their capacity, in GPH (gallons per second) and in maximum height.

In selecting a pump, always choose a pump that has adequate GPH power, but does not go over the total capacity of the pool or pond. A good estimate is that the pump should move half of the total volume of the pond per hour. How do you figure the total volume? Multiply the area's width with its depth. This gives you cubic inches. Divide this number by 231, (which is equal to one gallon). This will give you the pond's volume in gallons.

These important reminders on how to build a pond and waterfall cannot be ignored. Plan your waterfall and pond carefully so that your garden paradise stays beautiful.

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