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What's the deal with indoor versus outdoor fountains? Indoor fountains usually refer to self-contained, pondless fountains that are wall mounted, tabletop size, or floor level. These fountains are for use in decoration at home and in the office. These are not very easy to make, given the size and complexity of each design. Indeed many designs are very intricate and the materials quite pricey. (An indoor fountain could be made of slate stone or copper material). These indoor fountains can be much less, in terms of mess and maintenance than an outdoor fountain...but less expensive? Don't be so sure, some slate stone indoor fountains can sell for over $5,000 dollars!

Indoor/Outdoor Fountains and Waterfalls
Outdoor fountains are much larger and involve construction. However, despite the extra expense, these types of fountains can be made by any homeowner who isn't afraid to get his or her hands dirty. The first needed item is a pond or a pool. Fountains and ponds go very well with a full garden. The pump device is the next item you will need, as this will re-circulate the water from the pool back to the pipehead.

The type of spray that the fountain uses can be one of several styles, whether a jet stream or a steady stream. A streaming spray along with rocks (whether artificial or genuine) is what can turn a fountain into a waterfall. These types of exterior fountains are of the do-it-yourself variety that people refer to when discussing indoor-outdoor fountains. Theoretically you could place a large pool and a fountain indoors as many luxury homes and businesses have these fountains set up.

However, indoor fountains are specially manufactured and self-contained decorative items that are easy to buy and not so easy to make. Of course, there are also indoor outdoor wall fountains available that can be used inside or out. Typically a wall-mounted fountain that can be placed outside is best placed in a relatively protected area.

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