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An indoor wall fountain and an indoor waterfall are usually referring to the same type of device. These are indoor amenities that re circulate water with a pump. They do not require a pond or a pool as they are self contained. Many table-sized fountains or waterfalls can also be mounted on the wall. These smaller devices are manufactured and intricately designed. Therefore, it would be difficult (and probably more expensive) to create an indoor wall fountain on your own.

These fountains are not the same as an exterior fountain and pool. Large pools with fountains or waterfalls can be built in a week or two by anyone willing to get their hands dirty. When the term indoor is used, it usually conveys a pondless wall mounted water fountain or a floor standing unit. A large pool and fountain could theoretically be built indoors. However, an indoor wall fountain or waterfall usually refers to a manufactured wall mounted fountain.

And The Difference Is
All man-made waterfalls and fountains operate in the same basic way - a pump device recirculates the water and keeps the stream going as long as the electricity is on. In the case of an indoor wall water fountain, there is obviously no pond or pool. Instead there is a self-contained reservoir. All of these devices use pumps and fountains but the spray of the fountains can be altered so that it resembles a calm, trickling waterfall.

An indoor wall waterfall provides a relaxing sound with a constantly flowing water current. It helps people concentrate and filters out excessive noise. Best of all, these indoor waterfalls are natural humidifiers that refresh the air in a room. If you have a stuffy office and suffer through too much awkward silence, then an indoor wall fountain may be just what you need to relax.

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