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Why would you want an indoor wall water fountain instead of a building an exterior pond and waterfall? There are certainly advantages in both. An outdoor pond and waterfall is certainly much more to look at and can house a variety of aquatic life. On the other hand, an indoor wall water fountain gives you the same pleasures of a pond and waterfall, but without the added responsibility and risk.

Less Hassle Than An Outdoor Fountain, And Just As Much Fun
For starters, when you have an interior wall water fountain you have none of the mess to contend with. You don't have to dig a pond, nor order a large pool. There is little maintenance involved in caring for an interior water feature. A pond on the other hand, will have to be maintained for plant and animal life; filters will have to be cleaned and replaced; and the entire garden will have to be winterized when cold temperatures hit.

Indoor wall water fountains require little maintenance. You don't have to worry about water splashing outside of the unit or of any heavy assembly. A wall mounted waterfall also gives you the same attractive features of an exterior fountain. You get the soothing sounds of a waterfall which can help you to relax and concentrate. A fountain produces negatives ions and naturally humidifies the air. It is also easy to store - why it fits on your wall! Now that's certainly an out-of-the-way fixture for your home.

The Waterfall Materials And Price
Many of these fountains are intricately designed and made from high quality material such as copper or slate. Prices can range from $400.00 to over $5,000 depending on the quality of the materials and craftsmanship used (all fountains are NOT create equal).

An indoor fountain gives you the same joys of an exterior pond and waterfall but with less mess and stress. There's no need to live without the sound of nature, even if you'd rather not build your own pond.

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