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An indoor waterfall and an indoor fountain are usually in reference to the same thing - they are indoor water features that recirculate water in a self contained reservoir and pump. They can be wall mounted or small enough to fit on a table top. They are not the same thing as a large pool and waterfall, that ideally would go outdoors and complement a garden. Though these large pools and waterfalls could be put inside a building for some luxurious amenities, they are not really "indoor fountains." Indoor fountains and waterfalls are manufactured and can be very complicated to make. A how-to guide on how to create a wall mounted fountain would be difficult to locate. On the other hand, building your own exterior pool and waterfall is relatively easy to do.

How An Indoor Waterfall Operates
It is true that indoor and outdoor waterfalls operate in generally the same way. A pump device circulates the water from the reservoir and back to the top. Pump devices are measured by GPH (gallons per hour) and determine how much volume is circulated as well as how high the water is pushed in height. Waterfalls and fountains are usually accompanied by a natural pond, which is is dug and underlayed by the homeowner. If the homeowner does not wish to use an irregularly sized pond he or she will choose a movable pool in a more traditional shape.

The Difference Between A Waterfall And A Fountain
Both an indoor waterfall and water fountain operate in the same way. The moving water comes out of a pipe head which is connected to a pump that recirculates the water. In essence, all man-made waterfalls are fountains-they spray water out by the pump device. The spray can be altered to be virtually anything from a cone shape, to a spray or must, to bubble effects or a simple stream. The stream spray would resemble a waterfall. All you need are natural rocks to complement the stream and you have a realistic looking waterfall, slightly smaller than Niagara Falls.

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