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When discussing indoor waterfall kits and how to build an indoor waterfall, there are two points to consider. First, an indoor waterfall often times refers to a wall mounted or table top fountain. These items can range from cheap to very expensive and are handcrafted to the finest detail. They are professionally manufactured and its unlikely you will find a book on indoor waterfall kits or how to make an indoor waterfall - if you're referring to the wall mounted or tabletop variety. That said, you can find prefab waterfalls, many of which have easy to implement instructions. However, that's not to say that it's impossible to create a waterfall and a pool indoors. In this case, you would be creating an exterior type of fountain and pool inside an enclosed structure.

How To Make An Indoor Waterfall with Pond or Pool
How do you go about making a waterfall and pool? The first step is buying a pool in the most practical side. Large pools are encouraged over smaller ones, especially if you plan on having fish and aquatic plant life join the fun. When choosing a pump, try and choose according to how much total volume the pool has. Don't choose a pump that's too powerful and will move all the water in less than one hour. A good standard is about 50% GPH (gallons per hour) of the total volume. If you're installing a fountain then make sure the height of the spray is not over half of the diameter of the pond. Otherwise, a lot of water could be sprayed out of the pool.

The Right Fountain Pump And Filter
Submersible pumps are the most popular choice though they require more energy usage. Filters can help keep the pool free of residue and purify the water. Mechanical filters require regular cleaning and replacement whereas biological filters, where living media is used, take up more space but require less maintenance.

An indoor waterfall kit is a good buy since it combines the equipment, materials and usually a how-to guide on how to get started. Now you can build your own indoor pool and waterfall and blow your visitors' minds!

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