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Building a waterfall and pond is not as difficult a job as some might think. It can often be done within two weeks and mostly involves digging the area and installing the pump device. You may not need a professional contractor to build or install anything. But you will need patience and instructions (perhaps from a waterfall landscape designer) to start and finish your job. Before you know it you'll be sitting out on the patio enjoying the breeze and listening to a relaxing waterfall all day long. If you're not retired yet, then retire early because this is fun! But before you get started, take a few important notes on landscaping waterfall projects.

How To Install A Waterfall
If your yard has a slope to it, then a waterfall should be installed instead of a fountain. This lets it blend in with the rest of the garden landscape. Waterfalls can also be built on flat surfaces, but this can cause the waterfall to stick out noticeably. Whenever something "falls" usually a little bit of a slant is involved, right? What can help in this case is placing a few tall plants or a fence behind the waterfall to make the setting look a little less uneven.

Using The Right Waterfall Pump
Reportedly, many amateurs think they can use any old basement pump to power a waterfall. However these pumps are not made for this kind of task. They are used mostly to empty water from basements, along with other infrequent activities. If they are used constantly and rigorously as with a waterfall and pond, the pump will burst. And when electricity hits water? You could find yourself in the hospital in critical condition. So don't take chances with electrical appliances.

Use quality appliances from name brand manufacturers and follow directions closely. While installing a landscaping waterfall is not exactly renovation work, it still requires caution and planning.

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