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How do you build a large waterfall? It depends on the capacity of your pool and how much water you want to move per hour. What are your cubic measurements? How about 6 million cubic feet every minute? Now that's a big waterfall - in fact fact, that's the estimated capacity of Niagara Falls, the most powerful waterfall in North America. It's not likely you're going to reach that height or speed. But in order to build a large waterfall, you will need large materials and supplies.

A Big Waterfall Needs a Large Pond or Pool
First, you will need a large pond or pool to accommodate your big waterfall. How big should it be? Bigger is better, even if it's smaller. Huh? It turns out, the smaller your pond the more trouble it's going to be in the long run when it comes time to clean the area or add aquatic life. How do you decide between a pond or a pool? A pool is probably more of a financial investment, whereas a pond will require a couple of days of intensive digging. Aesthetically speaking, ponds work well with gardens, natural slopes and rock waterfalls. Pools go better with fountains and ornaments.

A Large Water Feature Requires A Big Pump
The next order is a large pump capable of recirculating all the water. It is suggested that you measure your total capacity and then buy a pump that can handle all that water - and efficiently manage electricity as much as possible. (Though the bigger things are, the harder the bill falls). Multiply the width of the pool or pond times the length. Now divide the number by 231 (which is one gallon) and you will come up with the total volume of what you need to circulate. Pumps have their specifications listed, along with maximum spray lift and distance. A large waterfall will need a heavy stream of water, so buy a pump that can move your total capacity in about two hours. This would make the GPH (gallons per hour) rate about half the size of the total volume.

As entrepreneur Donald Trump says, if you're going to think you might as well think big. You know he must have been talking about a large waterfall!

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