Office Waterfalls And Fountains Made From Brass, Acrylic, Fiber, Copper, Slate
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If you have an office, a waiting room or some other business where people are forced to wait inside small and stuffy rooms, then just know you're responsible for spreading positive ions all over the place. Shame on you! Wait, aren't positive ions good? Actually, in terms of air humidifiers, positive ions are bad - they are found in offices, and warm rooms with no ventilation. The negative ions contribute a very natural feel to a room - these are the same type of ions found near waterfalls and rivers. Negative ions are good and are produced by office waterfalls.

Advantages Of Having A Water Fountain For Your Office
Not only does an office waterfall give your work area a better breathing environment, it also provides a relaxing sound for your staff, customers or patients. The sound of falling water is a soothing sound to listen to, and can help put people at ease. It improves concentration, meditation and lessens the distracting sound of chatter and throat clearing. Office water fountains are self contained. They come with their own pumps and seldom run the risk of splashing any water outside of the unit. They are small enough to fit in an office, whether they are wall mounted or tabletop fountains. Most of these fountains are also inexpensive, running less then $750.00 or even less than $100.00 for certain models.

An Office Water Fountain Makes Work Fun!
These fountains can be made from a variety of materials, such as glass, acrylic, slate, fiber stone, copper, brass or bamboo. The designs of these fountains can be very complex. Some fountains are traditionally designed in classic bowl or tier shapes, whereas others are uniquely built and feature artistically sculpted ornaments to complement the fountain.

An office can be a dreary place if there is no sound. Even if there is occasional chatter and maybe a few hiccups here and there, just think of how much friendlier the atmosphere would be if the refreshing sound of a water fountain could be heard throughout the day? At the very least it makes the day a little more relaxing and there are no negatives about that!

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