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The hardest part is constructing your pond and setting up your waterfall. Once you get that out of the way things get much easier. But that doesn't mean that ponds and waterfalls are self reliant or can be left alone for months on end. While maintaining an outdoor pond is relatively easy a little bit of effort is still required by the keeper.

How To Maintain An Outdoor Pond
There may be times in the year, such as Autumn, when you will have to remove leaves from the pond, or other foreign objects. Furthermore, if you have aquatic life living in the pond, then it is even more vital that you remove dead leaves. If you plan on keeping your plants alive and thriving then plan on adding fertilizer tablets into the containers. Check the very bottom of the pond for dead leaves and other decaying material, as it will accumulate there.

You may have some trouble from pesky aphids that will snack on the plant juice. Spraying the plants lightly with a hose should knock these insects off into the water where fish will eat them. (Tough life!) You would also be wise to occasionally add water to maintain the proper level and to clean the filter, as the instructions dictate.

How To Winterize An Outdoor Pond
Some may consider using antifreeze to keep their pond from freezing. This can kill your plant and fish life. There's not much you can do to prevent freezing but there are some precautions to take. Usually plants are left as they are, however you should take tropical plants indoors as they cannot survive the cold. The rest of the plants you can sink to the deepest part of the pond, since that is the last level to be frozen. An algae bloom, (which results in soupy green water) is not cause for concern, provided you have plenty of plants and fish to balance out the equation.

Take care of your outdoor pond so that it can be a neighborhood attraction all season long.

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