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Creating an outdoor waterfall is a fun job and not nearly as complicated as renovating your home. After you dig a pond or put together a pool, creating the waterfall is just a matter of following some instructions, setting up some equipment and letting it pour.

Tips On Creating A Waterfall
First, a waterfall must be placed in an appropriate place. If you have plants then they should be placed a safe distance away from the splash, as some plants can be easily damaged by running water. A few large rocks can help to diffuse the current. It should be noted however that with fountains the spray can be reach long distances in windy conditions, so a small pond with a fountain would not be kind to plant life. A waterfall is preferable to a fountain if your yard has a natural slope. Rocks go well with waterfalls as low growing plants will not block the view of the stream.

Choosing A Waterfall Pump And Filter

The type of pump you use should be determined by the volume of your pond or pool. Pumps measure according to GPH (gallons per hours) and maximum lift. The GPH capacity is important to pay attention to; it should be strong but not so powerful that it's greater than the total capacity. A good standard is about half the total volume moved in one hour. Do you need a filter? It's best to keep the water clean for plant and animal life living inside, as well as to keep the pond free of debris.

You have the option to choose a submersible pump or an external one. Submersible pumps are the most preferred, though they are not as energy-efficient as external pumps. If you do not have an outlet near the pond, then an electrician will have to be notified to set one up for you. Underground wiring should be at least eighteen inches deep and run through piping to avoid any breakage.

Creating an outdoor waterfall may take two weekends of work, but it will give you years of relaxation and natural beauty.

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