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You may be planning on constructing a waterfall and pond in the near future. If that's the case, should you gather rocks of real stone or should you try using an artificial rock waterfall? What's the difference? An artificial rock waterfall consists of artificial rocks-that is, lightweight material that is painted to look like genuine stone, but that is cheaper and much easier to carry around. Is it worth buying a synthetic substitute for real nature?

What Should You Use?
Will you be reported to the police for using artificial rock? Most likely not, not even the most stringent states in the union care about what you put on your garden or lawn. That likely means that nobody really notices whether a rock waterfall is real or synthetic. They admire the scenery and sound of a real waterfall. If they touch the artificial rock then they might notice a difference. If your worst nightmare is that someone notices you're using imitation rock instead of the real thing, then maybe it's worth shelling out extra dollars for genuine slate.

However, physically speaking, there's little to be concerned about. An artificial rock waterfall looks the same as the real deal. It might come in individual stones or it might come as a clumps of stones, depending on what you're looking for visually, and how much you plan on spending. Most top selling artificial rocks have been tested for normal weather conditions with a successful report. However, under extreme weather conditions there have been some concerns. These artificial rocks are lightweight and so may need to be screwed into place using steel screws or glued.

The Advantages
Of course the advantages are that these substitutes are durable, affordable and very easy to move. Moving an entire collection of real rocks could be an all day event or even require the use of machinery. An artificial rock waterfall makes the process much easier all the way around.

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