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Perhaps you enjoy the thought of a waterfall and pond in your own yard, with soothing sounds and pleasant sights to behold. However, when it comes to actually setting one up, it may sound like a much better idea than it is. What if you have children that could be injured in a shallow pond? What if caring for aquatic plant life and tropical fish-an entire ecosystem--is just too much of a burden? In that case you still don't have to give up your fantasy of having a real waterfall in your own backyard. You can purchase a pondless waterfall and enjoy the waterfall without the added responsibility of a pond. How?

How Does It Work?
A pondless waterfall gives you the waterfall without the pond. These systems usually include the waterfall, a stream, rocks, gravel-just as you would have in a pond waterfall-but the water reaches no deeper than about an inch. The waterfall cascades over rocks, flowing down a small stream over gravel and finally over a flat stone. This creates a sheet of water, as opposed to a full pond or pool, and eventually the current disappears into an underground reservoir beneath the gravel. Down there, the water meets up with the pump and chamber, recirculating all over again.

Advantages To Pondless Waterfalls
A pondless waterfall is more cost effective than a waterfall and pond. It's less work and expenses overall, and systems are initially cheaper. They are much easier to install, as full ponds could take up to two weeks to dig and set up. Pondless waterfalls are also much less maintenance to keep up with, beyond the construction period. Certain models can be placed on a timer so that your current doesn't have to run 24 hours a day, increasing your electricity costs.

Just because you can't afford the time to build and maintain a pond doesn't mean you can't enjoy a relaxing waterfall in your home or garden.

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