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How difficult is it to build backyard pond waterfall? It will take you a couple of weekends, but it's not an impossible task. You would not have to hire a crew of people, though a few youngsters from the neighborhood could help you with all the digging. Let's break the process down by steps.

Step 1
Before you get started it's best to draw up all of your plans. This doesn't require a professional estimate or the use of a CAD-based program of exact proportions. But some form of reference is a good idea, with approximate measurements and general area shapes that you are planning. Before you start digging, let the local utility company and well as the department of inspections know your plans, just to make sure there are no security risks involved.

Step 2
Try and build backyard pond waterfall on a natural slope. On flat land, a waterfall tends to stick out. Sometimes adding a fence or tall plants behind a waterfall can help with this unevenness. Plan for a long day of digging as even a small pond could take a solid weekend. However, larger ponds are recommended over smaller ones, especially if you plan on holding aquatic life inside. Fountains and ornaments work well with pools, whereas irregularly shaped ponds go better with waterfalls and rocks. When setting up your waterfall make sure that it is not more than half the diameter of the pond since a lot of water would be lost on a windy day.

Step 3
Aquatic plants should be kept away from the falling stream. Filters should be used to keep the water fresh and healthy for aquatic life and to give it a clearer color. Mechanical filters require more cleaning and replacements, but biological filters take up more space. Skimmers help direct solids and residue over to the filter to keep the pond clean.

Build backyard pond waterfall and enjoy a small piece of paradise in your own home.

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