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In some parts of the world bamboo is believed to spread good fortune. It is said that bamboo can help improve your business and personal relationships. Is that true? Who knows...but a bamboo water fountain can certainly help to relax you. The constant movement of a rushing waterfall encourages relaxation and meditation. A bamboo water fountain would make for an unusual and much appreciated gift for the holiday season or all year round.

What Kind Of Fountains Are There?
Bamboo water fountains comes in different shapes and sizes. Some fountains consist of only a single spigot which flows to a basic of stones and gravel. Some bamboo fountains are much larger however, and made with bamboo sticks that can stand over five feet tall. The look of a bamboo fountain can provide an ordinary home or garden with an Eastern touch, and makes for an elegant conversation piece.

Each of these water fountains comes with a pump that is responsible for recirculating the water throughout from the basin to the pump. Some of these fountains also include special lighting, an adjustable pump along with other added effects. Bamboo water fountains are an affordable alternative to regularly priced pondless waterfalls.

How Much Do They Cost?
But what is an affordable price? Many bamboo water fountains sell for less than $300.00 while a few of the larger models, five foot and up, may push the price to $500.00. In the case of the Garden Bamboo Water Fountain, imitation is more expensive than the real thing. This 72 inch standing wall fountain will cost you $1,000.00. It doesn't feature real bamboo, but laser-etchings of bamboo stalks and leaves on tempered glass, with a frame and reservoir of a dark copper powder coated finish.

A bamboo water fountain is a relaxing amenity that is sure to give you the aural delights of a real waterfall. And a little good fortune can always help!

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