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Water fountain lights can truly make a water garden come alive. They add beauty and a certain glow to your ordinary fountain. Imagine entertaining some guests and overhearing their gasps at the dazzling water fountain lights! Now you can set them up yourself and light up your garden scene. How do you get started?

Choosing Water Fountain Lights
First decide what kind of lighting you would prefer and what would best complement the look of the pond. First there is LED or halogen pond lights to decide from. What's the difference? LED lights are known for being solidly built and for durability. They can last twice as long as high quality fluorescent lights. LED lights can be built into a specific color, eliminating the need for a filter. Filters usually compromise a light's efficiency. LED lights also run cooler and are less likely to affect the temperature of the pond. LED lights, however, are considered somewhat pricey in comparison to other products.

Halogen lights are an alternative to LED, but slightly less efficient in durability. These lights require lens filters to change the color of the water fountain illumination. Halogen lights are less expensive than LED but do not last as long, and also have a tendency to become hot.

Other Lights To Consider
There are also outdoor light fixtures and submersible lights that illuminate the pond from within. (With no threat of electrocution!) Voltage is relatively low on these devices, which usually operate with with 20 or 50 watt bulbs. Some types of transformers include handy features such as a photo cell and timer, which make sure the lighting will activate after dark. Popular lens filters include colors of blue, green, amber, red and yellow. Imagine setting up fountain lights to commemorate the holidays or some other special occasion.

Fountain lights are reasonably priced and not hard to set up. The only challenge is building a great pond.

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