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The most important part of your waterfall (assuming you have a place for all that water to run!) is finding the right pump. You can't substitute a low quality pump, or even worse a sump pump, to do the job of a powerful name brand pump device. Taking chances with a pump cannot only take its toll on your electric bill; it can also be dangerous if electricity should ever mix with water. This can happen if the pump bursts which would be fatal and not relaxing in the least.

Energy Efficiency and Installation
Two concerns come to mind right away: the ease of installation and the energy efficiency. If your water garden is going to be running constantly, then it has to be reasonably energy efficient and not so powerful that it sends your electric bill up like a ten-foot lift. The installation should also be no great hassle and should not require any professional assistance. Look for water garden waterfalls kits that come with all the materials and supplies you need along with a simple instructional guide so you don't take any chances.

What Kind Of Pump Should I Use?
There are submersible pumps, which are installed under water and are usually the most preferred type due to simplicity. Then there are external pumps that are more energy efficient than submersible pumps but are also more complicated to install. Larger pumps use more electricity but if you have a moderately large pool and desired lift, then they might be necessary. Smaller pumps, while they save on energy, are usually high maintenance and are clogged easily.

The listings of a pump are shown on the product box. GPH means "gallons per hour."Find out the volume of your pool or pond and then try to find a pump that moves a little over half that amount in one hour. Not too powerful, nor too weak. You should also look for garden waterfall pumps that have pre-filters built in. These devices help to get rid of pond residue and certain solids.

Water gardens are a lot of fun and relaxing. Following these reminders and setting up your water garden waterfalls according to the how-to manual will likewise make sure the entire project is fun work from beginning to end.

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