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What's more fun and interesting than an outdoor water fountain? How about a waterfall indoors? That's sure to start a conversation-and provide you a soothing form of relaxation in your own home. A "Water Wonders" fountain is a specially designed product that brings the tranquility of an exterior waterfall into your own home. No mess, no flooding, but the same great sights and sounds you would associate with a waterfall.

What Do They Do?
A Water Wonders Fountain can help you relax and calm yourself. How so? These fountains, along with waterfalls and rivers, produce large amounts of negative ions. Dry spells, lack of ventilation, and air conditioning result in the negative ions being removed, leaving only positive ions to fill a room. Water Wonders Fountains produce large amounts of negative ions for a relaxing, far more natural atmosphere.

They also remove excess noise and provide the soothing sound of a waterfall to assist you in meditation and work focus. These fountains are natural humidifiers, which alleviate dryness in the air, in a person's skin, and also reduce allergies. Being all natural, they are not a health risk as some artificial humidifiers can be.

How Do They Work?
These devices run on electricity, not battery or plumbing. There are also illuminated fountains, that have one chord for the pump and another for lighting, which can be turned off separately. These devices plug into the wall and can easily be hidden with a potted plant. You don't have to worry about excessive water splashing, as these fountains are self contained and can be regulated by adjusting the pump.

These fountains are excellent additions not only to a person's home, but even to offices, businesses, hotels and restaurants. For a reasonable investment you can make your guests (dinner guests or customers) feel welcomed with a Water Wonders indoor fountain.

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