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There's something very relaxing and stimulating about the sound and sight of moving water-especially if it's within your own property. You can wash away stress and give your guests something to talk about, whether you have a water garden or a pond full of fish. But before you can enjoy all that nature-loving fun, there are a few important tips to consider in waterfall design.

Careful Planning
While designing a pond and waterfall is not as intricate as building a new house, it still requires some attention to detail. Try and map out the shape of the pond, the shelves for the plants, and where the pump and waterfall will be situated. It is best to put the entire pond close to a patio or at least visible from a window. Don't put the amenity so far out of the way that it looks like a well kept swamp. Also, be careful to place it in a safe location where it will not receive runoff from rainfall, and thus be filled with unhealthy lawn and garden chemicals. It's best to build away from the shade, and away from trees where moisture might drip and leaves could fall, giving you twice as much work to do.

It is very important to plan your pond and waterfall according to local laws and requirements. It will likely be necessary to contact the Department of Inspections, to see if there are any local building codes pertaining to safety. Also you will be expected to inform your local utility company of your plans so that they can verify that there are no buried utilities around the digging area, which could be a safety risk.

Waterfall Design Tips
When planning a waterfall, be careful not to situate it near any aquatic plants that could be damaged by the strong current. Your plants will thrive a distance away from the spray, which can be deceptively powerful. The waterfall should match your water setting. If you have a pool setting, then ornaments and fountains go well with the surroundings. However, if you have an irregular pool. or a more natural looking pond, then you should probably go with a waterfall cascading over rocks. There are also submersible filter systems that go with either option.

Have fun designing your waterfall. It will be two weekends of hard but fun work.

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