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A filter removes impurities from water, and in the case of waterfall filters, may be capable of removing pond residue and some solid materials, such as rocks or plants. Filters purify water by providing a physical barrier, or using chemical or biological processes. A filter is added to the pump during the installation stage. Whether you keep a pond for plants and aesthetic purposes or even for holding fish, pure water is clearer and is more environmentally friendly. Fish waste and other decaying plant material, could otherwise build up toxins and turn your beautiful pond into an unhealthy bog.

Different Kinds Of Filters
There are many kinds of filters to choose from, depending on your pump and the type of waterfall you maintain. There are sponge filters as well as other submersible (under water) filters that can effectively purify water-however, pond keepers who use these filters often complain of the difficulty in cleaning. Bead filters are filled with many tiny poly-beads that accommodate beneficial bacteria, which eventually cleanses the water; this is called biofiltration, a technique that uses living material to filter or dissolve pollutant sources. Their design allows the filtering process to trap particulate matter that would get away from lesser quality filters. After the filtering process the waste is expelled with regular backwashing cycles.

Then there are other filters which improve the bead filter design, by introducing new media with higher surface area for better filtration, with no waste clumping together. These designs make the backwashing process easier, and eliminate the need for blowers and major disassembling.

There are also pressurized pond filters, which are the newest innovation on the market. Pressurized filters offer pond owners lower maintenance and higher functionality overall. Some models also include UV sterilizers and self-cleaning facilities. Polyester filters are ideal for removing larger solids out of the water that ordinary filters can't get.

Choosing The Right Filter
The more elaborate the pond, obviously the more specialized the filtration equipment will be. Choose reliable manufacturers and try and buy the best model you can afford, since no effective product comes dirt cheap.

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