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Are you looking to spruce up your yard (or even your living room?) with a beautiful water fountain? It is certainly an aesthetic move and can help provide a more peaceful atmosphere. You could keep a water garden or even a pond of fish and plants. What a great idea...now what do you need to know about water fountain supplies?

How The Water Pond Works
First of all, know that moving water is not a requirement for a water garden. Some plants may grow more productively if they live in still water. However, moving water, such as produced by water fountains, offers many advantages. For one thing, moving water is more aerated than still water, which allows for prosperous aquatic life if you plan on housing fish. Filters can be installed with a pump and make the pond water clearer. Last but not least, a water fountain is a charming addition visually and aurally as everyone loves the spectacle of moving water.

Your two most important water fountain supplies are the pump which keeps the water moving, and the filtration system for water purifying. When choosing a pump it is recommended that you buy a stronger pump than your absolute needs and as much as your budget allows. The power of the pump should be somewhat energy efficient as you don't want to create a heavy strain on your electricity usage. Pumps are measured in GPH or gallons per second, along with wattage and maximum lift. Do not choose a pump rate that is greater than the capacity of your pond; usually, the pump should be able to circulate about half the pool's total capacity per house.

Other Water Fountain Supplies You Will Need
Filtration systems and skimmers will be needed to keep your pond's water clean and to get rid of residue as well as solid materials. Filtration is recommended if you have fish or even plant life, as all living things can produce decaying organic material. There are also waterfall lights and foggers available to give your fountain a theatrical glow that will entertain you and your guests for hours. Get the right supplies and start building your piece of paradise today.

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