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A waterfall pond can be an involved undertaking, simply because you're concentrating on two parts: the waterfall itself, which includes the pump device and the cascading object, as well as the pond. The pump is what recirculates the water from the top down into the pound and back up through the tubing. Pumps are measured according to GPH or gallons per second, and can shoot a stream of water a certain amount of inches high. The more GPH and height a pump has, the more expensive it will be and the more electricity it will require.

Waterfall Tips
Caution should be used in placing plants too close to the waterfall area, as even minor splashing can damage sensitive plants. Rocks can be placed in such a way to diffuse the current, while plants are situated father away from the waterfall. The waterfall speed can also be quick, as with jet streams, or simply a light spray. Pumps should be slightly stronger than what you need, but not too powerful so that your entire pond volume is pumped in less than an hour. The GPH should be about half the volume of the pool. So if you have over 600 gallons of water, then a pump with 300 GPH would be plenty of power. Try and shop for a pump that is energy efficient. You still have to pay the electric bill and a waterfall running all day and night every day for a month can cost you.

Tips On Ponds
When planning a waterfall pond it's best to oversize rather than under size. Once you fill a pond with plenty of fish and plants it seems to shrink. You may soon decide it's time to build a bigger pond! Another reason to think big, is because larger ponds can be easier to clean than smaller ones. It is recommended that you position the pump as far away from the waterfall as possible. Finally, don't work too hard! Digging even a small pond is a tough job and may require some assistance as well as plenty of breaks.

The fruit of your labor is a great, relaxing waterfall pond that the whole family will love.

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