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A waterfall pump is the most important piece of equipment you will need in creating your own waterfall. (Well, aside from the H2O) What kind of waterfall pump do you need to get started? The cheapest one you can buy on line, right? Not necessarily. Nor do you always want the most powerful waterfall pump you can find. The two most important considerations are energy efficiency and installation.

Energy Efficiency
Having an ultra powerful pump, that's not energy efficient, will drastically increase your electric bill. A waterfall should be a standard electronic device when it comes to power usage, not something you have to charge tickets for in order to to make up your expense. External pumps are known to be energy efficient, though they usually are a little more complicated to install than submersible pumps. However, many small pumps, while they do save on energy, are very high maintenance and get clogged easily.

Easy Installation
There are pumps that are very easy to install, and then there are pumps which practically require professional assistance. Unless you have lots of money to spare, you should go with a model that allows for easy installation. Submersible pumps are usually easy to install, as they just require being put into the bottom of the pond and hooked up from there. On the other hand, submersible pumps are usually not energy efficient in comparison.

Industry sources also recommend waterfall pumps that come with built in pre-filters. These devices can handle pond residue and even some small solids without getting the pump clogged. It is best to strive for a balance in choosing a device that offers easy installation, with little maintenance, and one that is also moderate on energy usage.

Listings on a waterfall pump will include the maximum GPH or "gallons per hour" as well as the wattage. Analyzing the specifications will often times lead you to the best buy.

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