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A waterfalls garden is a joy to build and to maintain. Imagine having a splashing, bubbly waterfall to complement your perfectly green garden. The project is easy enough to complete, but before you get started in creating your waterfalls garden there are a few important points to review.

1. Be Nice To The Plants

Aquatic plants should be protected from excessive splashing. Some plants are very fragile, and with the help of a windy day, your fountain spray could reach impressive distances. It is suggested that you separate plants by placing the fountain stream at one end of the pool and some large rocks in between to lessen the current.

2. Don't Waste Any Water
Water is generally cheap, but when you're talking about water escaping from your pond because of strong winds, then it's worth conserving. Make sure the height of your sprayer is not more than half the diameter of the pond.

3. Choose A Pump That's Just Right
A pump should be chosen according to how big your pond is, and how high you want the water to be pushed. The higher you push the water and the more GPH (gallons per hour) the pump circulates the higher the electricity expenses. Will you be leaving your waterfall on constantly? If yes, then energy efficiency is a concern. To determine the capacity of your pool or pond area, multiply the width times the length. This will give you the total cubic inches. Since there are 231 cubic inches in one gallon, you would divide the total by 231 to get your total pool/pond capacity in gallons.

4. Choose A Reliable Water Filter
When choosing a filter, know that mechanical filters are effective but require regular cleaning and replacement. Biological filters, that use bacterial media, will take up more space but require far less maintenance. Remember these points before creating the waterfalls garden of your dreams.

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